Is Chem-Dry better than a steam vacuum for carpet cleaning?

steam vacuum for carpet cleaning

There are many types of carpet washing machines on the market, from dry cleaning to wet cleaning, which all distributors advertise as convenient, multifunctional. However, there are many differences in the performance of each type of machine.

We have received one question from a great number of readers: “Is Chem-Dry better than a steam vacuum for carpet cleaning?”. What the best way to clean carpets?

Using a steam vacuum or apply chemicals like Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning, is an argumentative topic these days, which we will discuss more in this article.

Wash the carpet with a steam vacuum

Like many other conventional carpet washing machines, the hot steam vacuum is equipped with a suction motor and pressure injection system. But the pressure injection system of the steam vacuum can adjust the temperature.

The high-pressure injector and the heat of the machine are just strong enough to wipe off the stains on the carpet surface. Besides, the suction motor is responsible for suctioning the areas where the pressure washer has just sprayed.

This process is repeated many times to ensure the suction of chemicals generated by the sprayer.

Depending on the efficiency of the suction system of the steam vacuum and the thickness of the carpet, it may take 45 minutes to several hours to dry the carpet.

In some cases, you might see your carpet was still wet the next day. Therefore, if it is inconvenient for you to wait, or you need to use your carpet quickly, you should consider another method of carpet cleaning such as using Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning.

Cleaning carpets with one of the most time-efficient cleaning services – Chemdry

The carpet washing method – Chemdry is one of the latest methods of washing carpets on the market and is being used increasingly and is recommended by many carpet manufacturers because it is effective in the cleaning process, very convenient and not waste time drying the carpet.

Chemicals used for Chemdry are suitable for many types of carpets. This way is also recommended for carpet cleaning in busy offices where 24/7 operation, as this method does not cause any problems to the operation of the office.

In addition, if you’re facing stubborn stains, another ultimate option is Chem-Dry, which uses carbonate to clean carpets or many other furniture without solvents, enzymes, crude chemicals.

Especially, it consumes very little water. Many users might think that Chemdry means that don’t use any of the water. Actually, It is not completely dry as you might think.

As a matter of fact, the Chemdry cleaning method uses a small amount of water that is significantly less than the steam vacuum uses. This means that cleaned carpets by Chemdry often dry much faster.

The operating principle of this method is that the liquid will dissolve into the dirt and the liquid-dirt-solvent mixture will be sucked. For heavily dirty areas, dry cleaning chemicals are used in combination with detergents.

Dry cleaning chemicals are usually organic compounds, but they can also be polymers. Carpets also need to be vacuumed before and after washing.

Vacuuming carpets must be very careful to ensure all carpet cleaning chemicals are completely vacuumed

Chemdry or a steam vacuum. Which carpet cleaning method should you choose?

For individuals who are sensitive to chemical exposure, carpet cleaning with a steam vacuum will be a better choice.

Depending on your specific needs and your concerns, you are able to choose the Chemdry method, because whether steam or chemistry, each method has its own pros and cons.

Moreover, the cost is also another important element that most of the housewives will consider carefully before choose the preferred one. Really, the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning service is more expensive than the steam vacuum.

Moreover, to get the best cleaning result, the carpet should be cleaned before it is too dirty. Early cleaning will be easier and more effective. Avoid leaving the carpet with too much dirt that could cause it to fail in an irreversible way.

Carpets should be washed every 12-18 months depending on the frequency of use and whether the carpet is bright or dark.

Carpet manufacturers recommend that you hire a professional carpet cleaning service like Chemdry from a cleaning company or cleaning service instead of doing it yourself because you can make your beloved carpet faded, excessively wet, or excess of carpet cleaning chemicals.

Wrapping up

In general, carpets are quite familiar items in our lives, carpets in guest rooms, bedrooms, offices, and hotel lobbies. It significantly contributes to the beauty and elegance of the home, office and every workplace.

“Is Chem-Dry better than a steam vacuum for carpet cleaning?”, the answer is that carpet washing by Chem-Dry or a steam vacuum has different advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, before choosing anyway, you should also carefully investigate both its pros and cons and compare it with your most necessary needs to choose the appropriate method.

Hopefully, these shares will bring you useful information when choosing carpet cleaning methods for your home!